Support to reconsider the Moto 3/125 race.

The Armoy club has received a letter urging the Directors to reconsider the running the Moto3/125 class after riders united to show their support for the class going forward.

Road racing is changing and has to change. Armoy has always been run by volunteers and it has to operate as a business to pay our ever increasing costs.  The aims of the Armoy club have never changed; to run an event as a tribute to the Armoy Armada, give the riders as much track time and prize money as we can, have a testing track set in a beautiful location steeped in a heritage that will attract the top riders to race and entertain the spectators, and always doing what we do in a professional manner.  To that end, the Directors have reconsidered the request from the riders and will reinstate the Moto3/125 class, after the assurance from the riders (13) that they will all enter and race at this year’s event.

Therefore, there will be a revision of the supplementary regulations and entry form with the SS300 and Moto 450 now joining the Moto3/125 class to complete the grid as has previously been the case.

The return of the class will also mean we require a race sponsor and if anyone would like to support the Moto3/125 race please contact [email protected] for more details.

The Armoy races are held on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th July.