Glitch on order processing

We are currently working on the woocommerce part of our website shop and recently orders have been sitting ON HOLD and emails are were being sent to you the buyer but not to us the administrators and therefore not allowing us to process your order.

Orders have been manually changed to PROCESSING to allow us to send out memberships etc.

The issue we now have is that too many orders were sitting in processing and have never had their status changed to COMPLETED ORDER.

The status on some processing orders was changed to completed this week to see if this would fix the issue, but woocommerce would appear to have sent emails to these customers confirming this status/receipt. I can assure everyone that NO MONEY HAS BEEN TAKEN FROM YOUR ACCOUNT, this is simply a receipt for your payment that you made earlier in the year.

Our web administrators are still working behind the website to sort out this wee glitch.

Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience and we hope to have this addressed shortly.