The Armoy Armada was established in 1977 and consisted of Mervyn Robinson, Joey Dunlop, Frank Kennedy & Jim Dunlop. The Heritage and now Legendary Status of the Armoy Armada covered only 3 seasons of racing from 1977 to 1979, during that time these men demonstrated acts of commitment, dedication, camaraderie and talent. Qualities that confirmed the Armoy Armada as legends in the sport of Road Racing.

Frank Kennedy also known as ‘Big Frank’ stood at over 6 feet; he was so tall he towered over even the biggest of motorbikes which made racing that little bit more difficult. Frank was prone to accidents, though this did not hinder his dedication to road racing; he was once seen jumping on the back of a motorbike with two broken legs!!

Frank owned a car showroom near Armoy which produced good business for him, although most of the profits were pumped into his bikes.

A career best for ‘Big Frank’ was in the 1976 North West 200 when he was placed second to the English rider Martin Sharpe. Sadly Frank’s motor racing career and life were cut short when he was seriously injured in 1979 at North West 200.