Officials' Profiles 22-2023

William Munnis

Chairman & Clerk of the Course

William returns to the club for the 2023 season as Chairman, a position he held in previous years.

William has been assistant Clerk of the Course and it's only natural that he is successor for clerk of the course going forward.

William is a club Director.

Gareth McAuley

Vice Chairman 

Gareth is a local business man who owns and operates Dalriada Gas.

George Huey

Club President & Treasurer

Behind the facade of the every club you need the stalwarts, George is one of them.

Honest, reliable, conscientious and above all, as careful as a Scot's man when it comes to finance.

George has been involved with the club since its inception in 2007.

You'll find George working around the course at every opportunity throughout the year.

George is a director of the Armoy Club.

Bill Kennedy MBE

Honorary Member & Director

Bill has been with the club from it's initial gathering of members in 2007. The brother of the Armoy Armada's Frank Kennedy, Bill himself was a keen racer competing for a few years at the likes of the NW200.

Bill has been Clerk of the Course at Armoy for 11 years and has served on the clubs committee as both chairman and president. Bill is a club Director.

A very popular and regular visitor to all the race paddocks, Bill is very much the face of the Armoy Road Races.

David Guild

Director & assistant Treasurer

Davy’s not your stereotypical Scotsman (he’s just careful with money, not tight) which makes him the perfect assistant Treasurer to help look after the clubs finances.

Involved in many of the behind the scene jobs that have to be done including paperwork & forms, race programme and web admin.

David is a club Director and has been involved with the club since it’s inception in 2007.

Stanley Stewart


Retired local business man with a passion for road racing. Stanley has sponsored Supersport riders Jamie Coward and Daryll Tweed under the banner Stanley Stewart Racing. Stanley is a director of the Armoy Club.

Stanley has sponsored Man of the Meeting for 2023 with a prize of £1000.

Glenn Sayers & Sianeen Kelly

Race Secretary

Soon to be Mr & Mrs Sayers, Glenn and Sianeen have taken on the role of Race Secretaries for the 2022 season. Glenn can also be seen working on the Start/Finish Line while Sianeen helps with Child Protection.

Getting married, building a house and the role of Race Secretaries, a drive and desire that is very much appreciated for the future of the club.

Lauren Cruickshank


Lauren has been one of our facebook administrators and taking the race day minutes over the last few years, this year she has taken on the full role of club secretary taking all the minutes and necessary paperwork.

Mick Colgan

Club Steward

What to say about Mick. Mick has had his finger in a few pies at MCUI level mostly involving Race Safety. You'll find him around the course and paddock 'pointing out' issues of concern as the club prepare for the races.

A bit of a character and responsible for half the adverts in the race programme. Mick is a club director and has been involved with the club since it's inception.

John Stinson

Club Steward

Safety is paramount, and so John Stinson has joined Mick in the role of Club Steward.

This will be John's 9th year as steward and again this year he'll also be joined in the paddock by his daughter Laura Stinson (pictured entering miss Armoy 2012) who will be working in the role of a Child Protection officer.

John's a director of the Armoy Club.

Joe O'Kane

Safety Officer

Ex racer Joe is part of the O'kane dynasty who sponsored the Armoy Armada's Mervyn Robinson.

Joe's also Main organiser / marshal of the Armoy "Ride Out" and has participated in a few Armoy parade laps including in 2013 when he got a ride on Michael Dunlops TT winning Superstock bike.

Fair to say he can still ride a bit yet.

Jason Morrow

Shadow Steward

Jason will be shadowing the Armoy stewards at the 2023 races and working on the grid.

Paddy Cushnahan

Chief Grid Marshal

Paddy has the job of controling the dummy grid and warm up area where the riders are held before they head  to the Start line for the actual race. A calm head in a pressure position is a must and Paddy is Mr Calm.

Selma McMullan

Armoy Supporters Club

The Armoy supporters Club is organised by Selma McMullan along with Yolande O’Kane (who is also our Safety Officer) and other AMRRC members. The Supporters Club are a vital resource in raising our profile and funding.

Selma’s another one of those workaholics, who is always looking to attend shows, raise funds and organise events, caters etc around race time.

Elmer McMullan

Course Superintendent

Elmer's the husband of the supporters club, Selma McMullan.

Elmer is a building contractor and has been involved with the course setup from the initial race. This year he shares the responsibility as course superintendent with Alister.

Elmer's pictured with daughter Tracey who along with her teenage children can be found helping out at the supporter clubs merchandise stands around the paddock.

Niall Cochrane

Chief Paddock Marshal

Niall looks after the set-up and layout of the Riders paddock.

He has a team of other volunteers trying to pacify Riders, Teams and officials while working within the safety measures lined out by all the authorities covering event safety.

John & Valerie Crichton


Cornerstone would be more fitting maybe to describe the role of John and Valerie Crichton who control all the communications between officials, marshals, services and in fact everyone. They are the eye's and ear's for the clerk of the course. John can also take up the position of Steward and Valerie is also a child protection officer. Truly dedicated road racing supporters.

Joe and Yolande O’Kane

Safety Officers & Supporters Club

Behind every husband & wife safety officer team is someone who does all the work, that's Yolande in this case. Involved with all the safety aspects of our event, tea lady at all the club meetings and very heavily involved with the Armoy Supporters Club, she's a clubaholic. You'll see her with clipboard in hand at the races, hot water flask & buns at the club meetings and at the Edinburgh and Belfast Motorbike shows as well as various other club fundraising events throughout the full year. Yolande's just a 5 foot welsh dynamo that never stops.

Cathal Cunning
Chief Marshal

This will be Cathal’s 9th year as Chief Marshal at Armoy. He's responsible for the safety of riders, spectators and officials and leads a team of 70+ road marshals and zone marshals on race days by radio contact around the circuit.

Cathal's a massive racing fan having grown up on the NW200 circuit attending and volunteering as a marshal for many years and for the last 15 years held the role as Chief Marshal for The International North West 2oo.

He works closely and attends courses with Volunteer Now in volunteer management and training, and has assisted with a team of volunteers for the world police and fire games.

David Patterson
Chief Flag Marshal

Martin Beare and Davy P, are the men who took on the role of risk assessing and setting all the flag posts around the Armoy circuit on a cold November morning way back in 2008. David still assesses all the posts every year and assists in Roads Inspection visits.

David is heavily involved with the MCUI (UC) as the Flag & Marshal trainer, conducting seminars for both riders and marshals alike. A flag marshals job is defined as informing racing riders of an incident ahead and it is also a rewarding position to know that the role is vital to the safe running of the race.

Edwin Jackson
Club Incident Officer

Edwin’s a driving instructor in his nine to five job and at race events he’s an Incident Officer, a role that comes into the forefront once a Red Flag is used during racing. Edwin controls a group of Incident Observers around the course and they assist him in taking statements from flag marshals, marshals, spectators and medics and if available any photographs that may help him to piece together how an incident has happened. A full report is then reported to the event stewards and a  written report is kept on file.

Bikes are also taken to a secure location for technical inspection by MCUI scrutineers and full reports are prepared by Edwin and sent to the Clerk of the Course and MCUI officials.

Keith Edgar
Assistant Chief Marshal

Keith (pictured centre) is assistant to Cathal and is liaison between him and the race marshals.

Edward McCraken
Assistant Flag Marshal

Eddie assists Davie P and flags at post 34, the penultimate position before the chequered flag.

James McKillop
Assistant Flag Marshal

Jimmy's been assisting at Armoy for many years. He flags at many other events  and when he's not, he's there as a spectator.

Laura Stinson
Child Protection

Laura is experienced and trained in her role as Children and Vulnerable Adult protection Officer for both Armoy & NW200 races. She's also the daughter of club steward John.

Gary McKillop
Child Protection

Gary can be found around the Armoy & NW200 races in his role as Children and Vulnerable Adult protection Officer.

Gary also deals with the Media Application forms that photographers require before attending the Armoy Races.

Uel Hutchinson

Uel is owner/operator of SJH Pressure Cleaning Services and he use his system to keep the course in tip-top condition in the event of an incident involving oil etc.

He's also involved with course set-up and vehicle recovery around the course on race days.

Jean McPherson
Race Liasion & Ass Secretary

Jean is on many of the Clubs general committees and prepares most of the necessary paperwork from the Road Closing Orders to editing the race day programme, leaflets and posters promoting the Armoy Races.

Jeans been involved with the club since 2007.