Race Entry Forms and Regulations 2021
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2021 Entry Form & Regulations – Available NOW

Entries Close on Monday 28th June 2021 and no entry will be accepted without the Competitor Race Entry Fee, you can pay ONLINE HERE

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2021 Visitor Licence Form

A visitors Licence is a requirement for all competitors who wish to compete in a National Road Race but do not hold an MCUI competition licence ‘A’ or ‘R’.

***If you had a MCUI (uc) Visitors’ licence in 2018, you do not need to renew for 2019.  An MCUI(uc) visitors licence once approved is still valid unless revoked or surrendered.

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2021 Supplementary Regulations – Available NOW

Rules and regulations for Friday 30th & Saturday 31st July 2021


COMPULSORY RULE for 2021Back & Chest Protectors

105.5. The use of a back & chest protectors is compulsory at all Tarmac events. (ICC December 2019)

105.5.1 Minimum Requirements Use of a Chest and back protector is compulsory and must be clearly marked with the following norms:

a) the back protector must comply with EN1621-2,CB(’central back) or FB(‘full back’) level 1or 2. 18 ©MCUI – Updated December 2019

b) the chest protector must be:

(a) ‘Full chest protectors’ (protector designed as a single piece) and ‘Divided chest protectors’ (protector designed in two separate halves)are permitted. All types of chest protectors (full or divided) must have a minimum protection(total) area of no less than 230cm2 .

 (b) Only protectors and in conformity with prEN 1621-3 (level 1 or 2) are admitted.

 The ‘EN’ stands for ‘European Norm.’ You might also notice armour listed as ‘CE’. The letters ‘CE’ are the abbreviation for the French phrase ‘Conformité Européene’ which literally means ‘European Conformity’. The term initially used was ‘EC Mark’ and it was officially replaced by ‘CE’ Marking’ in the Directive 93/68/EEC in 1993. ‘CE Marking’ is now used in all EU official documents. All of this has to do with the European motorcycle safety standards. America has unofficially adopted these standards, but these are not required by law for street use. In contrast, to ride a motorcycle in Europe, you have to have protective apparel that meets these standards.             (ICC December 2019)


Unless otherwise specified in the Supplementary Regulations for any series or championship unleaded petrol mixtures up to 102 RON. The use of fuel additives are strictly prohibited.

Classic Pre 73 class, leaded petrol will be permitted by mixtures of 50% Avgas 100LL and 50% unleaded petrol up to a maximum 102 RON.

All Two Stroke machines but not RS 125 Aprilia in ‘MOTO-ONE Class’ are permitted to run leaded race fuel, 100% Avgas 100LL and fuel additives with added lubricant.

‘MOTO-ONE’ machines are only permitted to use unleaded 95 RON or super unleaded 97 RON fuel. The use of fuel additives are strictly prohibited.

Competitors must ensure that a minimum of 2 litres remains in the tank at the end of a race, for the purpose of any fuel testing that may be required.

Any competitor found in contravention of these regulations or who fails to provide a fuel sample, will on first offence be disqualified from event and all previous class championship points removed, second offence will have their MCUI licence suspended for a minimum period of 3 months of the Road race season(March-October) and will be liable for all costs involved in the testing. The competitor will be disqualified from the results and will lose any Championship points awarded for the class.

All technical regulations for each specific class will reference these fuel regulations unless stated specifically within the class technical regulations.                 (ICC Dec 2019)


All items not mentioned in the following articles must remain as originally produced by the Manufacturer for the homologated machine. Everything that is not authorised and prescribed in these rules is strictly forbidden. All motorcycles must comply in every respect with all the requirements for racing as specified in the Technical Regulations, unless it is equipped as such on the homologated machine. The appearance from both front, rear and the profile of motorcycles must (except when otherwise stated) conform in principle to the homologated shape (as originally produced by the manufacturer). The appearance of the exhaust system is excluded from this rule. The displacement capacities must remain at the homologated size. Modifying the bore and stroke to reach class limits is not allowed.

Displacement Capacities:

Over 400cc up to 600cc 4 Stroke 4 cylinders

Over 600cc up to 636cc 4 Stroke 4 cylinders

Over 500cc up to 675cc 4 Stroke 3 cylinders

Over 650cc up to 750cc 4 Stroke 2 cylinders                                      (ICC December 2019)

Minimum Weights:

The minimum weights will be: 600 cc four cylinders 161 kg

The minimum weights will be: 636 cc four cylinders 161 kg

The minimum weights will be: 675 cc three cylinders 161 kg

The minimum weights will be: 750 cc four cylinders 161 kg                       (ICC December 2019)

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Supermono Regulations

A new race class added for 2018 season

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General Competition Rules

The December 2018 MCUI (UC) General rule book – 38 pages

General Competition Rules HERE

Classic Regulations

Junior and Senior Classic Updated Regs

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Standing Regs & Technical Rules

The December 2018 MCUI (UC) Standing regs and Technical information – 73 pages

Standing Regs & Technical Rules