Media pass list 2022

The AMRRC media/press pass criteria and application process was published on the AMRRC website with the applications process closing on the 18th July 2022 – please see the AMRRC accepted list below and the signing on details for all those successful.
Signing on for those listed below will be as per last year at the Limepark Rugby Playing Fields. This worked very well last year and significantly reduced the foot fall and traffic congestion in and around the race control area.
The Limepark Playing Fields are located on the A44 Drones Road, just on the right hand side of the road as you approach Armoy Village on the A44 Drones Road from the A26 main Ballymena line direction.

PRACTICE & RACE signing on Friday 29th July will be from 09.00–10.00 AM. With the Roads Closing at 11:00 AM allowing you an hour to enter the circuit area.
Please note that signing on will close at 1000 AM sharp and will not be available outside the stipulated times.
RACE DAY Saturday 30th July signing on will be from 07.00-08.00 AM with Roads Closing at 0900 allowing you an hour to enter the circuit area.
No other arrangements for signing on will be entered into.

A £20.00 deposit will be required for the AMRRC MEDIA BIB – this will be refundable upon the none damaged return of your bib to the PRESS OFFICER who will be located by the gate of the AMRRC RACE CONTROL PADDOCK for 2 hours after the roads re-open on Saturday.

NOTE – A passport sized photograph will be attached to all the press/media passes issued this year. Those of you still to provide your hard copy passport sized photographs – please ensure that you have them at signing on.

AMRRC Media/Press list 2022
1 Tracey Harrison – DUKE
2 Jude Harrison – DUKE
3 Derek McIntyre – LMP
4 Derek Lynn – Dfi
5 Philip McCammon – IR
6 Paul Power – BD
7 Adam Bustard – B&D
8 Peter John Leverton – LMP
9 Lesly Moore – LMP
10 Allister Dixon – SLP
11 Pat Haslam – Lenster Express
12 Steven Davidson – PP
12a Rowland White – URRIF
14 Derek Wilson – Bikesportnews
15 John Condie – RRI
16 Gavan Caldwell – RRI
17 Kyle White – Newsletter
18 David Doharty – AMRRC
19 Ryan Crooks – AMRRC
20 Jim McCann – AMRRC
21 Paul Hull – Freelance
22 Neil Biggerstaf – SUN
24 Gordon Williams – Newtonards Chronicle
25 Wallace Rollins – RRI RP
26 Gillian Rollins – RRI RP
27 Maurice Montgomery RRI RP
28 Adam McMahon – Fingal Independent
29 Shaun Lewis – Ulster Herald
30 Rod Neill – Pacemaker Press
31 Adrian Crawley – Freelance
32 Paul Laverty – Freelance
34 Sandra Millar – McAuley Multimedia
35 James Gerrard – AMRRC Fanzone
36 Allister McCook – Speedweek
37 Anthony Meenaghan – Classic Racer UK
38 Martin McCormick – AMRRC
39 Gordon Dewar – AMRRC
40 Baylon McC – AMRRC
41 Colin James – Waldovision
42 Toni – Waldovision
Greenlight Television x 16

Kindest regards
Gary McKillop – AMRRC Press Officer