Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I’m sure as some people can imagine, organising this years event has been extremely difficult with our ever changing pandemic and the need to carry on making the right decisions for everyone’s safety.
With that in mind we’ve updated some of our event frequently asked questions and there will be more updates over the next few days.
The decision to move the restrictions on events from 500 to a risk assessment has been the latest ‘curve ball’ and to meet the new criteria swift changes were made to allow the event to run, with hindsight we could have made significantly different choices but as Bill says ‘we are where we are’.
We have submitted the risk assessment and are working on it regularly to keep it updated as we will with your frequently asked questions but do please be patient and together we will have a Race of Legends 2021 amidst all this chaos. Thank you everyone who supported us by buying a pass and programme package.