Avid Road Racing Fans Pledge their Support.

LONG standing supporters of the Armoy Road Races, the Diamond Bar, Ballymoney, the Mermaid Club, Kircubbin and Stanley Stewart, from Ballymoney, are returning as sponsors of races at this year’s event which is taking place on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st July.

Supporting a race every year since 2011 and 2009 respectively, the Diamond Bar and Mermaid Club are jointly sponsoring the Lightweight race which will run on the Friday evening.
Ken Palmer, from the Mermaid Club, is a huge road racing fan and with Martin Doyle, owner of the Diamond Bar, they have spoken of their “excitement” that the Armoy Road Races are able to go ahead this year.
Martin said: “I am so pleased to see the Armoy Road Races returning this year and in keeping with tradition, we just had to come on board as sponsors once again, especially after the challenges of the last 16 months. “I’ve been a road racing fan for many, many years now and I know it’s an event that fans the length and breadth of the country are looking forward to since most races were cancelled due to the pandemic. “I can’t wait to see old friends again and enjoy the thrill of road racing whilst watching some of the world’s top riders.”

Ken from the Mermaid Club, in County Down, congratulated the team at Armoy Motorcycle Road Racing Club for its meticulous health and safety efforts whilst organising this year’s event. “Firstly, I would like to say a big ‘well done’ to the Club for organising this year’s races whilst ensuring the health and safety of sponsors, riders and fans,” he said. “The Mermaid Club is largely made up of a small number of road racing fans from the Kircubbin area in County Down and we have been long standing supporters of this event, largely due to the fact that the Club is so welcoming and the atmosphere during the races is second to none! “We are very much looking forward to the end of July and are delighted to give our support once again!”

Elsewhere, Stanley Stewart, from Ballymoney, has donated sponsorship for the Moto 3 race/ 125 GPS/SS 300 and claims that he “cannot wait,” to watch many of his favourite riders take on the renowned road racing circuit. “I and my wife, Fay, are huge road racing fans with Fay having sponsored the Classics race previously. We have attended many events down through the years, but nothing compares to Armoy,” said Stanley. “The community spirit, the atmosphere, being so close to the action and the excitement is what keeps road racing fans coming back to Armoy time and time again. “It’s safe to say that after the challenges posed by the pandemic, everyone could do with something to look forward to and thankfully for road racing fans, the Armoy Road Races are able to go ahead. “I think I speak for road racing fans everywhere when I say, I cannot wait for the end of July to come around!”

Armoy Financial Advisers JW Hickinson, & Co is also back on board co-sponsoring the Junior Support alongside local man James McKillop. Both have a long-standing affinity with the sport and are very glad to see the races run this year.
Ian Hickinson of JW Hickinson & Co said, “I’m delighted that the company can continue to support the Armoy Road Races. I’m personally really pleased as it’s a wonderful community that comes together for this special event each year. I’m content to play my small part and wish the Club, the road racers and the community a safe and excellent event.”

“As a Club, we are delighted to welcome, the Diamond Bar, the Mermaid Club, JW Hickinson & Co, James McKillop and Stanley Stewart on board as sponsors,” said Bill Kennedy, MBE, Clerk of Course.
“We are so grateful to our sponsors because without their support, the Armoy Road Races couldn’t take place. “With just over a week left to go until the highly anticipated event, the Club is busy organising the finishing touches to what we’re sure is going to be a fantastic event. “July 30th is fast approaching and we’re so looking forward to seeing Armoy village filled with the sounds of road racing!” This event was enabled by funding from Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council.