2016 Annual General Meeting

The Armoy (AGM) Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 7th September. After the routine monthly meeting the business changed to the appointment
of the officials for 2016. The results;

Chairman –  Bill Kennedy (Newly elected)

Vice Chairman – Trison McMullan (re-elected)

Secretary – Jean McPherson (re-elected)

Assistant Secretary – Dean Greer (Newly elected)

Race Secretary – Anne Louden (Re-elected) assistant secretary – Chris Kennedy (Newly elected)

Treasurer – George Huey (re-elected)

Assistant Treasurer – David Guild (re-elected)

Membership Registrar – Selma McMullan (re-elected) 

President – William Munnis (Newly elected)


Bill Kennedy has returned as club Chairman for 2016 with William Munnis appointed as club President for 2016.

Newly elected members for 2016 include Dean Greer as Assistant Club secretary and Chris Kennedy as Assistant Race secretary and both are welcome additions
to the club officials for the 2016/17 race season.

The Armoy clubs MCUI Delagates for 2017 are Bill Kennedy, William Munnis and Jimmy O’Kane, with Bill as the MCUI Tarmac representative.

The directors will also meet shortly to appoint positions on the management and finance committees.