Officials’ Profiles

Bill Kennedy

Clerk of the Course & Chairman

Bill has been with the club from it’s initial gathering of members in 2007. The brother of the Armoy Armada’s Frank Kennedy, Bill himself was a keen racer competing for a few years at the likes of the NW200. Bill has been Clerk of the Course at Armoy for 7 years and has served on the clubs committee as chairman until we persuaded him to accept the role of President at the club. A title, (President Kennedy) pointed out that never ended well for his namesakes. Bill has returned as Club Chairman for the 2017 road race season.

William Munnis

Assistant Clerk of the Course & President

William is the current President of the club and has done the job of assistant Clerk of the Course in previous years. William has been an active member at the NW200 and brings that work ethic with him to his roles here at Armoy.

Peter Louden

Assistant Clerk of the Course

This will be Peters 3rd year as Assistant Clerk of the Course. Peters a massive racing fan and is well known around all the road and track paddocks. A bit of a joker but very responsible in his duties.

Ann Louden

Race Secretary

This will be Ann’s 4th year as race secretary. Ann’s married to Peter, (above) and again is usually found around the paddocks at meeting but with a long lens camera in hand pursuing her hobby of photography.

George Huey


Behind the facade of the every club you need the stalwarts, George is one of them. Honest, reliable, conscientious and above all, as careful as a Scot’s man when it comes to finance. You’ll find George working around the course at every opportunity throughout the year. George is a director for the Armoy Club.

Mick Colgan

Club Steward

What to say about Mick. Micks had his finger in a few pies at MCUI level mostly involving Race Safety. You’ll find him around the course and paddock pointing out issues of concern as the club prepare for the races. A bit of a character and responsible for half the adverts in the race programme as well as joint organiser / rider / marshal of the now infamous Armoy “Ride Out” on race week. Mick is chairman of the directors and has been involved with the club since it’s inception.

John Stinson

Club Steward

Safety is paramount, and so John Stinson has joined Mick in the role of Club Steward. This will be John’s 3rd year as steward and this year he’ll also be joined in the paddock by his daughter Laura Stinson (pictured entering miss Armoy 2012) who will be working in the role of a Child Protection officer.

Joe O’Kane

Safety Officer

Ex racer Joe is part of the O’kane dynasty who sponsored the Armoy Armada’s Mervyn Robinson. Joe’s also joint organiser / rider / marshal of the Armoy “Ride Out” and has participated in a few Armoy parade laps himself including last year (2013) on Michael Dunlops TT winning Superstock bike. Fair to say he can still ride a bit yet.

Trison McMullan

Grid Marshal

Trison is Vice Chairman of the Armoy Club and during practice and race days he controls the riders holding and grid areas. Placed in a position of dealing with adrenaline infused riders this is where Trison comes to the forefront with his calm & professional manner. A great asset to the club.

Paddy Cushnahan

Paddock Manager

Paddy’s face says it all, if there’s fun to be had, he’s yer man. Seriously thou, Paddy along with Joe and Mick organise the Sunday “Ride Out” and he also arranges and controls the riders paddock. The first year as paddock manager paddy reckoned he walked 20 miles+ so now he’s a familiar sight around the paddock on his borrowed quad bike.

Alister Glass

Course Superintendent

Local contractor Alister Glass oversee’s all the course preparation and set-up. He also leads the riders bike recovery during race days.
Course preparation is a year long job and both Armoy and Alister are fortunate to have a group of assistants and volunteers that can share the workload although the pressure of organising and arranging is still all Alister’s. Alister is an Armoy director and has been involved with the club since it’s inception.

Jean McPherson

Club and Minute Secretary
Jean McPherson from Ashton-under-Lyne in Greater Manchester, is one of them important stalwarts that every club needs. She’ll work on Armoy paperwork at all hours and receiving emails at 6.00am or after 12 at night from Jean is a regular occurrence. Very methodical and conscientious, if Jeans done it, it’ll be done right. Jeans either been club secretary, minute secretary and/or race secretary at the club since our first race. Supposed to be unbiased but I think her smile here gives away her fondness for William Dunlop.

John & Valerie Crichton


Stalwarts is maybe not enough, Cornerstone would be more fitting maybe to describe the role of John and Valerie Crichton who control all the communications between officials, marshals, services in fact everyone. They are the eye’s and ear’s for the clerk of the course. John can also take up the position of Steward and Valerie is also a child protection officer. Truly dedicated road racing supporters.

Joe and Yolande O’Kane

Safety Officer

Behind every husband & wife safety officer team is someone who does all the work, that’s Yolande in this case. Involved with all the safety aspects of our event, tea lady at all the club meetings and very heavily involved with the Armoy Supporters Club, she’s a clubaholic. You’ll see her with clipboard in hand at the races, hot water flask & buns at the club meetings and at the Edinburgh and Belfast Motorbike shows as well as various other club fundraising events throughout the full year. Yolande’s just a 5 foot welsh dynamo that never stops, unbelievable.

Selma McMullan
& Yolande O’Kane

Armoy Supporters Club

The Armoy supporters Club is organised by Selma McMullan (pictured on the left) and Yolande O’Kane (the above picture) along with the help of family, friends like Angela Glass & Mary Huey (also pictured wearing the official merchandise) and other amrrc members. The Supporters Club are a vital source of raising our profile and funding.

Selma’s another one of those workaholics, who is always looking to attend shows, raise funds and organise events, caters etc around race time, another stalwart.